What’s the big deal about presale tickets?


If you’re friends with me – or any other hard working musical artist in any city – you’re probably tired of us pressuring you to buy presale tickets.  Yeah, I know.

“What’s the big deal?” you probably think. “I’m going to support you even MORE by showing up at the door and paying more!  Isn’t that better for you?”

Well, not really.  I mean, sure, we might go home with 25 cents or a buck more because you paid $2 more at the door.  Maybe.  We’ll be splitting it with all the other bands that play, you see, so it’s probably more on the 25-cents side of things.  But that really doesn’t matter compared to what happens the day BEFORE the show.

The day before the show, I walk into AEG’s office with a wad of cash and, perhaps, also a number of tickets I was, sadly, unable to sell.  They count the cash and the tickets and we settle up.  At this point AEG knows how many friends and family I was 100% responsible for bringing.  They know WE sold those tickets.  Not another band, not their general advertising, not online sales from who knows where.  WE sold those tickets.

This is an indicator of whether we are a reliable band for them to book again.  Like this:

The first time I walked in and settled up with a respectable number of tickets, we were offered our first Bluebird date.  On the spot.

The second time I walked in and settled up with a respectable number of tickets, we were offered our first headlining Gothic date (the next day).

If I had showed up with only 10 presales, but, say, 200 people walked up and bought tickets at the door for a 4-band night, I am personally convinced we would not have been given these opportunities.

That’s why we are so vocal about presales.  When you buy presale tickets, you not only allow the band to get “credit” for the sale – sort of like a score – but… it’s also way more likely that you’ll actually attend.

So, thanks for supporting the local bands you love by buying their tickets directly from them in advance!