Adrienne O Reboots – and Lands Headlining Gothic Show


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Adrienne O Reboots – and Lands Headlining Gothic Show

Denver, Colorado (Jan 5, 2015) – Adrienne, the vocalist/bassist of Denver pop/rock band Adrienne O, has given up her bass guitar to focus solely on being the band’s dynamic front woman – a move that has resulted in the band’s first headlining concert at a major venue.

The band has also eliminated the use of tracks, adding a fifth musician where necessary to provide keys and synth. Fans who knew and loved the band as it was before are surprised to find that not only the performance but also the music has a new spirit and dynamism.

“I love playing bass, but I was too tied down on stage while playing and singing,” said Osborn. “Now that I’m free to move, and don’t have to think about doing two things at once, I’m having a lot more fun. People are really responding to that.”

Adrienne O looks forward to performing the live debut of their anticipated song, “Barcelona”, along with several other new songs and the return of a reworked fan favorite, “Little Vampire.” “Barcelona” is a song about escaping oneself and one’s world informed by Adrienne’s experiences living, studying, working, and partying in Spain.

Adrienne O will be playing with Chemistry Club, Monroe Monroe, and One Flew West on Friday, January 23.

About Adrienne O

Adrienne O (“Adrienne Oh”) is a female-fronted indie pop/rock band from Denver influenced by artists like Florence + the Machine and OneRepublic. Vocalist Adrienne Osborn was previously one of the top 40 water skiers in the world, and a dot-com software developer. Now she is a voice coach and a parkour novice who inspires fans to live deeply and without fear by exemplifying authentic strength and charisma, both personally and musically.

Adrienne O and their music have been featured on 93.3’s Locals Only show, 107x, The Colorado Sound, Channel 8 TV’s Denver Loft Sessions, Literati Records podcasts, Callywood Radio, multiple KGNU Innervision Top 30 Countdowns, and the 2013 BolderBOULDER Bootlegs CD.

A single from Adrienne O’s first EP, “Two and Two,” won COMBO’s songwriting contest in the Pop category. Another song from their first EP, “Someone Like Me,” was placed in full-length feature film A Remarkable Life.

For further information, contact Adrienne Osborn at 303-819-0595 or [email protected].