House Concerts

We would love to see you in person!

Would you like us to play in your living room?

House concerts are a phenomenon becoming so popular that there are stories about them on CNN, Billboard, New York Times, and more.

House concerts are unique, intimate experiences.  The lyrics come alive in an acoustic setting, and we get to know the host and audience in a way we can’t at our larger shows.  At these rare events you will see us in a much more casual and up-close setting, and you’ll hear many more of the stories behind the songs than at our larger shows.

House concerts can be tiny listening concerts with just a handful of friends, or they can have more of a party atmosphere where we provide the background music.  You can pay for us to play, cover the entire cost with donations from the audience, or even profit from the evening.

Watch the short video that people use to promote these great events to their friends:
Don’t be shy if your place is on the small side. Yes, we are a full band, but at a house concert we usually play as a duo or a trio – the same way we play when we have radio appearances.  As a duo, we can fit in the space of a small loveseat.  Add keys and we need the corner of a living room.  We can also play as a quartet, adding cajon.
Here’s a short medley of our acoustic duo:

Our first tour is to Arizona and southern California in late March, and then we’ll take short tours to other parts of the country 2-4 times/year.  If you’d like to see us either this March on our Southwest tour, or in the future in your area, let us know.
If you want to explore the possibility of a house concert at your place, send the following information to
  • name
  • phone number
  • email address
  • location (city, state, country)

And if you want to learn about being a house concert host, check out a free guide HERE.