<h1>Adrienne O</h1><h4>Indie rock from Denver</h4>

Adrienne O

Indie rock from Denver

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Adrienne O sitting down

Adrienne O has a problem: she’s going to die… eventually.

Life’s shortness and unpredictability always been her obsession. The ticking clock is why she left her computer programming job… why she tried to become a professional waterskier… why she left an IT career to become a full-time musician… why she’s more interested in cheap travel than expensive things… and why she could never work for someone else again.

It’s even why she created her music school – Performance High Voice and Music Studio – named after the “high” she gets from playing gigs. She and her 15 teachers – including Justin Leighton Long, co-writer, guitarist, and producer in the band – help artists become who they dream of being.

After a 5-year hiatus, her band’s 2022 renaissance departs from its previous 80’s-influenced synthpop sound and moves toward a more aggressive, careless, guitar- and drum-driven energy inspired by Metric, Muse and Gin Wigmore.

Whether it’s gratitude for being here, anger at those who screw it up for us, or joy at the luck of being here at all, Adrienne’s songs are about life, death, and how we use the short time in between.