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  1. jcmmanuel
    April 2, 2015 @ 6:39 pm

    Few artists would write about their ‘stealing’ of songs, so this is honesty, but it’s also just funny, because indeed, such things just happen. I couldn’t tell the connection with the Young Blood song for instance, until after giving it another listening – and even then it’s hard to pinpoint the parallelism.

    ‘Copyright’ of course is a commercial notion not an artistic one. There should perhaps be reasonable fees in case of complaints, so that the one who ‘copied’ would be okay to pay it to the original writer, who in term would be contented as well. What most of us hate is when copyright claims become the game of lawyers (who don’t give a sh*t about art), or when turns into a defamation campaign against an artist.

    Besides, artists are different people. Even if the parallelism (e.g. in the first example) would be more up in the face, Young Blood is a very good band but also very different from your style. They are cool, but in your music there is a lot more joy for instance (and anyone else may find other characteristics that are more typical for your band or any other band).

    If we would take this too far, someone might even…. hmmm…. did you already request a copyright for your smile?